DLx Pattern Library

DLx Pattern Library

DLx Pattern Library

Welcome to the DLx Pattern Library! This website demonstrates CSS styles used across DLx projects, along with example HTML markup and usage notes.

View the GitHub repository for this pattern library.

Using the DLx Styles

DLx styles are available either as LESS files or standalone CSS files. LESS files must be compiled to CSS before you can use them. See the LESS website for details.

The DLx styles library uses various global variables, font declarations, and colors. You may also need to include the following files before other styles, depending on which of the global variables you're using:


Each component is given a folder within the /components folder. Each component has a standalone CSS file, a LESS file, and a sample Handlebars file containing example HTML.


Images and icons used by DLx projects are available in the /img folder.